BarBarrick Music
Celtic Music - Recording Studio - Bagpipes
The new studio is designed to be as comfortable as possible for the artist. Basically a living room setting with amazing views of the Washington Cascade mountains. The control room is on a different floor and a video link is used. This setting allows the recording performer to relax and play with no "studio anxiety" attached.

Dropping a few names of equipment used: Midas, Great River, Avalon, Mackie, Neumann, Alesis, Blue Microphones, Violet Designs and many plugins.

Coming Soon

​Live sound reinforcement!
Quality sound for your next gig!  I have a PA that will handle small to medium venues with the ability to expand for outdoor shows. Reasonable rates!


I can record either 2 track "off the board" for archival purposes and give you a CD at the end of your show, or record multi track (8 channels) for mixing at my studio or exporting to yours. 

Music events, public announcement, readings, background music, whatever you need!


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