BarBarrick Music

Celtic Music  - Bagpipes - Bass

City of Victoria Pipe Band - Play the Sweet Music 
City of Victoria Pipe Band - Anniversary Album 
World Pipe Band Championships 1987 - with City of Victoria Pipe Band 
Full Shilling - Eye of the Beholder 
Full Shilling - Full Shilling 
Strictly Time - Highland Dance Music 
Peter Yeates - Back in the Middle 
John Nilsen - Twelve Shades of Light 
Steve Areen - Bird of Passage 
Scotland's Lighthouses - soundtrack to the movie 
Lief Sorbye - Across the Borders 
Raven - A Soft Wind Blows 
Raven - Indoor Driving 
Raven - A Christmas Album 
Raven/Seanachie/Ann Gray - Five Days in April 
Rob Barrick - The Standards 
Rob Barrick - Highland Dance Standards 
Thom Dudley - Archaean Moon 
Pied a Terre - Foot to the Ground 
Elizabeth Nicholson/Rob Barrick - Celtic Wedding Music 
New Shilling - New Shilling 
Rose and Thistle Wedding Band 
Rose and Thistle Band - Young May Moon 
New Shilling - Live 
Rob Barrick - Aye Toons 
Stringed Migration - Fly Not Yet 
Elizabeth Nicholson/Rob Barrick - Celtic Music of Remembrance 
Rose and Thistle - Celtic Christmas 
Gordon McCulloch - Dark Eyes 
Rose and Thistle - Celtic Love Songs 
Elizabeth Nicholson - Sink or Swim 
Rob Barrick - Scottish Smallpipe Meditations 
Thom Dudley - River's Edge 
Eagle McCall - Song of the Seas.
Rob Barrick - Five Nationals 
Eagle McCall - Spirit of '76.
New Shilling – Irishtown Sessions 
Rob Barrick - Highland Dance Standards Updated SOBHD Tempos 
Eagle McCall - The Hills of Mandaree  
Rob Barrick - My Favourites So Far 

Bailey Bridge - Live at the Stillhouse
Johnny Flapjack - Fix it with Beer

Oregon Lottery Commercial
John Ratzenberger's Made in America (TV Appearance) 
Mr D - TV Show (Canada)