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As an instructor for more than thirty years, I have always had students that live in apartments or with families/neighbors that don't care for the sound of practice. This makes it very hard for a serious student to have any regular practice time.
Practice chanters are fine, smallpipes are great, and electronic chanters are good to a point, but students really need to get on the Highland pipes to get any serious practice done.

Practice anytime without disturbing anyone
Easy to use, just seconds to put on and take off
Effectively drops the sound level by at least 20 db
Folds flat so you can put it in your pipe case for travel and be able to play in a hotel room
No need for earplugs
Play outside even late at night without the police coming
Blow that new reed in by being able to play more

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Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the mute--this is for sure the most important piping accessory I've purchased, as I can now comfortably play the big pipes at home.
-Alan Wood- California

For the past year+ I have lived in an apartment building and been unable to establish a separate space where I can practice. I began working with one of your chanter mutes a week after they became available. It's been a few weeks now, and while I feel that traditional practice remains the best, I have been able to play and continue to develop my skill -- to date with no complaints from my neighbors..
~ Don P. Scobie, Professional Highland Bagpiper/Instructor/Recording Artist

It received mixed responses at band when people saw it, but when I PLAYED with it, it blew them away! People were amazed!
-Carolyn Watts- Idaho

THIS is what I have been looking for nearly a year. Thank you so much - I have lots of time in the early morning hours to practice, but afraid to fire up the big boys. Now - I can get additional practice in at this time. I can't tell you how much this means to a beginner\intermediate player like myself that is desperate to get more time in on the 'real' pipes.
-AG- North Carolina.